5 Ways Cyclists Can Benefit from Pilates

Did you know that Pilates is great for both cycling performance, and also to help prevent cycling injuries? I have several Tucson Pilates studio clients who are avid cyclists and committed to how Pilates improves and sustains their cycling performance.

If you’re a dedicated cyclist, your training is already extensive, and often intensive. So I’m going to focus on five specific benefits that a Pilates practice brings to active cycling.

5 Benefits of Pilates for Cyclists

  1. Forward hinge improvement.  Pilates practice brings core awareness and strengthening to the cyclist, and supports you in the proper bike posture. Much time is spent in a forward hinge when riding,  and knowing how to find and maintain a hinge without over using your back muscles is tremendously beneficial.
  2. Breath support. With proper posture and alignment, you’ll become more aware of proper breathing. That’s also a huge support for “climbers” (cycling enthusiasts that focus on big climbs) and helps keep your lower back healthy.
  3. Lat awareness. Pilates teaches how to engage and draw lats down, so as a cyclist, you’ll be more likely to maintain proper bike posture. That keeps tension out of your sensitive neck area, too.
  4. Fine muscle development. Cycling tends to work the larger muscle groups, where a Pilates practice helps even out muscle development. With a focus on balance, flexibility and whole body movement, working the muscles evenly on both sides of the body is a fundamental principle of Pilates.
  5. Internal muscle awareness. You’ll really notice improved strength development and flexibility with your smaller internal muscles that often aren’t address in cycling training.

Athletes and exercise enthusiasts in general will benefit from adding Pilates into their training. Cyclists, runners, skiers, snowboarders and body builders – each benefits from Pilates in unique ways. The common denominators? Greater strength and flexibility, not to mention all-important injury prevention.

If you’re not sure where to start, try a Private session or a Pilates Chair Quartet at my Tucson Pilates studio, Body Fundamentals. The Pilates Chair, aka the Wunda Chair, Low Chair and High Chair are far more challenging that you may think. Even the most fit cyclists discover muscles that they didn’t know they had after just a few sessions!

Keep moving!



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